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10 powerful films about human psychology

We bring to your attention a selection of 10 feature films in which the main characters are struggling with mental disorders.

For those who like to understand psychology, we have selected a dozen films made in the last decade, the characters of which suffer from various mental disorders.

10 movies with characters suffering from mental illness

Black Swan (2010)

The main character of the picture is the ballerina performing the main role in the ballet of the same name. Gradually, she becomes obsessed with her character and her prima status. The leading actress Natalie Portman had to lose decent weight, but on the set, she met French choreographer Benjamin Melpieu, who became her husband. And for her “Oscar” for this film, she came out already pregnant.

“Something’s Wrong with Kevin” (2011)

10 powerful films about human psychology

This is a very difficult film about a mother whose son (born immediately with mental deviations) became a murderer. And now she is tormented by the question, could she change something. The starring role is the incomparable Tilda Swinton. And her insane son is played by then-aspiring actor Ezra Miller.

 “My boyfriend is crazy” (2012)

10 powerful films about human psychology

A melodrama about two broken people trying to participate in an amateur dance couples competition. And at the same time, they naturally have a difficult relationship.

The film by David O. Russell received eight Oscar nominations, and the leading actress Jennifer Lawrence got the coveted statuette.

Jasmine (2013)

10 powerful films about human psychology

The version of Desire Streetcar brought to modern America: homeless and without a livelihood, Jasmine, who lives with a poor sister, fancies herself rich, educated, and well-arranged. And the worse things are in reality, the deeper she plunges into the depths of her madness.

For this role in the Woody Allen film, Australian star Cate Blanchett received an Oscar for Best Actress.

Legend (2015)

10 powerful films about human psychology

The film is based on real events and tells the story of the life of the Kraev twin brothers, gangsters who in the 60s kept the whole of London in fear. The film is interesting in that one of the brothers suffered from schizophrenia, and both are played by the excellent British actor Tom Hardy.

Split (2016)

10 powerful films about human psychology

Horror about a maniac suffering from multiple personality syndrome. But all these personalities are waiting for the birth of one more – the Beast. Brilliant British actor James McAvoy has at least eight roles.

“We have always lived in a castle” (2018)

10 powerful films about human psychology

Two sisters live on the Blackwood family estate, live as hermits, because they are persecuted by neighbors: one of them poisoned the whole family, but no one knows who.

At least one of them is definitely not in itself. And then their cousin encroaches on their solitude, who came to them with selfish intentions.

Swallow (2019)

10 powerful films about human psychology

A girl who married a wealthy businessman, suffering from her own inferiority, feels the urge to swallow dangerous objects that can be fatal for her and her unborn child.

 Joker (2019)

10 powerful films about human psychology

A great attempt to show the formation of the main villain of the Batman comic book universe while abandoning superhero, magic, and superpowers. In the end, the Joker turns out to be a banal schizophrenic. The film is difficult, but Joaquin Phoenix deserves his Oscar for Best Actor.

 ” Invisible Man ” (2020)

10 powerful films about human psychology

A modern version of the famous story written by Wells at the beginning of the last century. But this time the protagonist is a sociopath and abuser, and his victim suffers from PTSD. Not a bad set of psychological problems in one picture.

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