A business plan for a professional photographer, or how much you can earn from photography

Many have a camera, or are planning to buy one. And we would like to know how much it can be recouped and how to do it at all.

Let’s describe a mini-business plan for a novice photographer:

Let’s start with the cost of photographic equipment, on average it will be from 120 to 300 thousand rubles and more, depending on the configuration and quality of lenses and cameras, shooting lighting kits. The composition depends on what level you want to go to.

Market size: on average, in one region, various photo services are sold for amounts from 5-10 million rubles and more per month, depending on the population and its income level.

Competition. Since the market is largely determined by private individual orders, there are no obvious monopolists that could take a large share of the market. At the same time, the volume of orders in most cases is also limited due to one labor resource – the photographer. Therefore, it can always be approached by a newcomer, offering better services at a more competitive price and with more active marketing of their photography business.

Legal issues: It is optimal for a photographer to register his IP, with a simplified taxation system – 6%, open a bank account, make additional contributions to social funds.

Average prices for photo services: differ depending on the level of the photographer and the regional market and amount to 1-3 thousand rubles for 1 hour of photography, or 5-15 thousand rubles for a full day of photography.

Monthly Expenses: Every photographer has their own monthly expenses for promoting and organizing their business (from travel expenses, to taxes, equipment depreciation, assistant salary, marketing and advertising expenses, loan payments). The level of expenses can reach from 5 to 50 thousand rubles per month and more.

Sales plan: Depending on the season, promotion activity, and the chosen strategy, a photographer can complete 8-15 full day shoots within 1 month.

Income: On average, a photographer can specialize in one type of photography service, or provide dozens of different photography services for different types of clients and market segments. And therefore, according to the sales plan, his income can range from 30 to 200 thousand rubles per month.

Profit: based on the initially chosen equipment, expenses, marketing efforts, market conditions, and monthly sales, the profit (direct income) of the photographer is in the range from 0 to 30-50 thousand rubles on average.

Additionally: it must be remembered that the photographer makes a lot of efforts to develop his own brand, organize the sale of his photo services, but at the same time he is a completely independent and independent entrepreneur who can currently sell his services both in his city and region, and in everything the world. It’s pretty much a mobile business.

Material provided by the project “School of your photo business”

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