Auto business: 5 directions for making money

The number of cars on the streets is not decreasing, they are constantly in need of service with its own “special approach” to each brand. And this means that there are many options to make money on a car. Moreover, some of them, such as the delivery of goods and passengers, as well as all kinds of car services are possible with minimal investment, or with the presence of an existing car in possession. Below we will give just such low-budget options that do not require any serious education or experience.

1. Mobile car wash

The scheme of work of exit car washes is simple. Using a phone call or a mobile application, the client names or indicates the address and selects the service he needs. At the agreed time, the performers come and wash the car. Such washing can be carried out both wet and dry. In the second case, special products containing wax are used that do not harm the car’s coating. A dry wash usually takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on how dirty the car is. You can start a business at a car wash with a visit if you have 200-300 thousand rubles, the bulk of which will be required for the purchase of equipment and detergents.

2. Cleaning cars from snow

Enterprising residents of large cities during snowfalls offer services for digging and cleaning cars from snow. An operational departure can cost 5 thousand rubles, the standard tariff will be 1-2 thousand rubles. The list of services of such assistants may include not only cleaning the machine itself, but also cleaning around it, pushing it out of the snow, charging the battery, and so on. Of course, there is no question of registering a business in such a seasonal part-time job, and the main asset is a shovel. But with a more serious approach , you can get at least a snow blower, and also clean yards and various remote corners where utilities do not reach.

3. Cargo transportation/moving

People move frequently, especially in large cities where many live in rented apartments. This is the basis of the business idea of ​​organizing relocations. Any move is quite troublesome, so moving assistance is a good way to earn money. The activity involves the performance of all work on the transportation of things from one dwelling to another. The list of services includes the dismantling of furniture, packaging of cargo, loading, transportation and unloading, lifting to the floor, collecting furniture in a new place, and even removing the garbage that was generated during the work. This business format is also called moving . The business idea is suitable for those who have a truck. The usual “Gazelle” will be enough. You can also find an assistant, because you cannot handle the loading alone. There are more business ideas for making money on your carhere , as well as in this collection .

4. Road assistance services

An excellent part-time job for motorists is the provision of roadside assistance services. Moreover, it is not necessary to have special equipment or a truck for certain types of assistance (for example, for the delivery of gasoline). As part of this profile, you can provide services for evacuation, minor repairs, charging a dead battery, towing, mobile tire fitting , and so on. As a rule, clients turn to these services in emergency cases. If the Internet is at hand, they will type their request into a search engine or ad sites and will choose from what they see there. Therefore, the most budgetary option is to place offers of your services on sites like Avito, Yandex Services, Yula, and so on.

5. Mobile coffee shop

Surely in the city you have met coffee shops on wheels on the streets – most often this is a special van equipped with all the necessary equipment. The coffee shop operates in the “coffee to go” format. The main factor in the success of a mobile coffee shop is to take advantage of the location. These are park areas, the territory of shopping centers, streets where office and administrative buildings or educational institutions are located, large transport interchanges, market areas, train stations, etc. But you will have to fight for such advantageous places.

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