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“Chair against the wall” – exercise for losing weight, strengthening the muscles of the legs and buttocks

By doing one simple exercise for a month, you can lose weight and strengthen the muscles in your legs and buttocks. The workout will only take 10 minutes a day. We will find out how to do the “Chair against the wall” exercise correctly and how you can improve it in order to achieve the best result.

All you need for practice is the presence of a wall nearby, which will serve as a support. Regular training will help you develop different muscle groups (neck, back, abs, arms, and legs), as well as knee and hip joints. In fact, this exercise is analogous to the traditional plank, but in this case, the main load falls on the thigh and gluteal muscles.

Benefits of the Wall Chair Exercise

While this workout is primarily aimed at developing the muscles of the legs and buttocks, it benefits the entire body:

  • the hips acquire a beautiful shape;
  • the buttocks become elastic;
  • excess body fat disappears;
  • internal organs are in the correct position;
  • posture is straightened;
  • blood circulation improves;
  • intervertebral discs are strengthened, minimizes the risk of intervertebral hernia;
  • the concentration of attention increases;
  • blood vessels are strengthened, the work of the heart improves;
  • mood improves, it becomes easier for the body to deal with stress.
"Chair against the wall" - exercise for losing weight, strengthening the muscles of the legs and buttocks

How to do the exercise correctly

To begin with, you need to warm up the muscles well, a light warm-up is suitable (bending, sitting, swinging legs and arms). After warming up the muscles, you can start charging:

  • you need to stand against the wall, pressing your back against it, head and shoulder blades;
  • arms can be placed along the body or straightened at chest level;
  • lower your legs and bend at a right angle (as if sitting on a chair);
  • in this position, all muscle groups are strained, you need to breathe deeply and calmly for thirty or forty seconds;
  • you need to get up slowly, without lifting your back, shoulder blades, and head from the wall.

After fifteen minutes, you can repeat the exercise, the number of repetitions depends on the current state. Start with one or two sets, then gradually increase the load to three to five sets for at least half a minute each.

You can increase the load in different ways using:

1. Dumbbells . This option is suitable for those who want to strengthen the muscles of the arms. Dumbbells must be held in hands extended in front of you or spread apart. You can also make swings or any other movements with your hands, but at the same time keeping the body motionless.

2. Fitball . In this case, the exercise is performed in the same way as the traditional version, but a special ball, a fitball, must be fixed between the back and the wall. This will allow for better development of the back muscles.

"Chair against the wall" - exercise for losing weight, strengthening the muscles of the legs and buttocks

3. Raised leg . In this case, the arms must be placed along the wall, and while squatting, straighten one leg, then the other. This will help to properly distribute the load on all muscle groups.

4. Closed legs. This option provides for performing the same actions as in the basic example, but the legs must be closed.

Another option is to do the exercise without a wall. In this case, the legs must be spread shoulder-width apart, the feet must be placed straight, the hips must be parallel to the floor, and the arms must be straightened in front of you. Squats should be done while exhaling, and standing up while inhaling, your neck and back should always be kept straight.

Regular exercise will help not only strengthen all muscle groups but generally increase the body’s endurance. The Chair against the Wall exercise is suitable for both women and men. This workout is especially useful for those with weak knees and weight problems, but it is important not to overextend the muscles and take breaks if any uncomfortable sensations arise.

You don’t need to go to the gym for training, you can train at any convenient time at home. A positive result will be noticeable after a couple of sessions. Exercise is contraindicated in those with severe knee injuries and joint problems, so consult your doctor before starting exercise to make sure there are no restrictions.

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