Earnings in social networks and messengers: 5 examples

We decided to single out social networks and options for making money on them in a separate section, since there are a lot of social networks, and the essence is approximately the same – in order to make money on them, one way or another, you need to involve the audience and its attention. And the more crowded the accounts, groups and profiles in social networks are, the more you can earn from it.

1. Account administration

Business owners do not always have enough time to manage social networks, so they can look for freelancers for this work. If you know social networks and their features well, then this idea is for you. The duties of administrators usually include creating and editing posts, maintaining feedback with subscribers, analyzing statistical indicators, and searching for new ideas. You can certainly find similar work on ad sites such as Avito and Yula, as well as on freelance exchanges (Kwork.ru, Freelance.ru, Fl.ru, Workzilla, Weblancer, Pchel.net and others). If you manage to find several companies that will be your regular customers, then earn several times more.

2. Comprehensive SMM services

A kind of continuation of the administration service and a higher paid service are services for the integrated management of accounts. Here, a specialist working in the field of SMM is already engaged not only in content, but also in developing a strategy and promotion – setting up targeting advertising, searching for advertising platforms and partnerships with bloggers, and so on. A complex specialist of the company is more profitable than just a person who knows how to take photos or videos for social networks, or someone who is good at making stories. The advantage of this direction is that you can also work with several projects at once, without being tied to a specific employer and taking shape, for example, as self-employed .

3. Monetize your blog

One of the most popular ways to make yourself known today is to blog on popular platforms. You can monetize your work by connecting sponsorship subscriptions or donations, attracting advertisers, using other means of monetization. The more authoritative your blog is and the more subscribers you have, the easier it will be to generate income.

4. Selling goods and services through social networks

Social networks have long established themselves as effective trading platforms with the liveliest and most active audience. Therefore, if you have something to sell and promote (for example, handicrafts or your own talent when smartphones come back to life ), social networks can help you a lot with this. Every social network today has services for business and opportunities for its promotion. You can create a business account or open a showcase on Vkontakte. Even accounts with a small number of loyal subscribers can earn decent money. Such microbloggers are called influencers.

5. Development of telegram bots

In Telegram, almost everything is based on bots. Perhaps this is one of the main features of this messenger. Bots are programs that automatically perform certain actions: for example, they send out news, analyze the audience, translate text, search for the necessary information, etc. Earnings on the creation of bots are very promising and in demand. They are often needed not only by brands, but also by bloggers and even creators of small chat rooms.

You don’t need any investment to get started. The main investment here is knowledge, you need to know at least the basics of programming. With them, it will be possible to create the simplest automated assistants. For more serious orders involving the development of bots with complex functionality, you will need deeper knowledge and additional resources aimed at supporting the work of the bot itself. Writing a bot can cost from a few thousand to 300,000 rubles. And that’s not counting the cost of follow-up support.

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