Earnings in the village and in the country: 10 examples

How can you make money in a village or in a suburban area, for example, in a country house? Of course, if you have the Internet, you can do the online directions above. Another option is to start a mini-production (it was also discussed earlier). But there are other, shall we say, more classic options. First of all, they are related to agriculture, growing something for sale, using the natural gifts that are around you, and so on.

1.Dacha/house for rent

The most obvious business idea is to rent out a country house or summer cottage. You can provide a house for rent or find a client who will move in there for a long time. Such a service will be of interest to citizens who like to relax in the countryside, but do not have their own suburban housing. Especially the service will be in demand in picturesque natural places. Sometimes country houses are rented out only for the period of the January holidays, when people are looking for where to celebrate the New Year in the company.

2. Production and installation of greenhouses

In most regions of Russia, it is either impossible or extremely risky to grow many types of crops in the open field, so there is always a demand for the construction of greenhouses. One of the most profitable areas is the production of polycarbonate greenhouses. At the start, you can get by with a kit for manual production with a total cost of about 70 thousand rubles: a manual pipe bending machine, a pendulum cutting machine for cutting pipes and profiles, a jigsaw, a drill-driver and other small tools. With independent work, the initial investment pays off after 5-6 orders. To increase profits, you can also engage in installation.

3. Sale of seeds and seedlings

Organizing earnings on the sale of seedlings and seeds is quite simple. It is enough to have a small plot of land and ordinary equipment for cultivation. The easiest option is to grow shrubby plants, such as raspberries, currants, etc. But you can make some money from it. Growing seedlings of fruit trees (apple, cherry, etc.) will bring more serious income. The greatest income will be from coniferous seedlings – they are valued much higher and are in demand.

4. Growing mushrooms

Experienced people recommend that beginners start by growing oyster mushrooms. These mushrooms are unpretentious and do not require serious care. As soon as you manage to establish the cultivation of oyster mushrooms and deal with everything, you can start champignons. To grow mushrooms, you need an area of ​​​​at least 12 square meters. m. Suitable basement or barn. The first harvest can be obtained in 2-3 months.

5. Growing flowers in a greenhouse

Many flower growers who grow flowers on their own plot are thinking about making money from their hobby. The demand for flowers is always there, and during the holidays it increases. In the summer, you can hope for school holidays (last bell, graduation) and weddings. Most often, cut roses are grown in greenhouse conditions. You can grow flowers in the open field, but then the period when you can get a crop will be reduced, and you will not earn much on this.

6. Breeding pets

The idea of ​​such a business is old, but still profitable. But how much money it can bring depends on the chosen direction. Animal husbandry is a vast area. To determine the direction, you need to build on local demand and your capabilities. If you have a small area, then you can breed rabbits, birds and bees. And if the area is large, then the animals can be larger. According to experienced farmers, turkeys, rabbits, goats, pigs and bulls bring the highest profit. Beginning farmers can sell meat, eggs, and other produce at markets or through small local shops.

7. Village Museum

Many Russian villages are on the verge of extinction, so you should not count on the fact that you will be able to earn a lot from local residents and their needs. Therefore, active villagers are thinking about how to attract solvent city dwellers. One option is to organize an unusual village museum or exhibition, which will bring together residents of large cities. There are plenty of examples of unusual museums in the countryside. Someone exposes unique antiques and village life, others create fabulous estates based on Russian folk tales from their site, organize master classes in crafts that are fading into the past, and so on.

8. Ecotourism

The so-called green or eco-tours are gaining more and more popularity every year. According to experts, this direction has every chance of becoming a hit in the near future. City residents get tired of the hustle and bustle, seek to get out into the fresh air and enjoy nature. This is how entrepreneurs appear who can provide comfortable housing for rent ( agricultural estates ) and organize leisure activities for tourists in the village. In particular, it can be excursions, fishing, picking mushrooms and berries, folk entertainment, boating, etc.

9. Ostrich farm

Although ostriches are associated with the hot African or Australian continents, in practice they can also live in temperate Russian latitudes. Due to the fact that ostriches allow you to sell several types of products at once, you can make good money on them, including on a paid visit to an ostrich farm . Keeping and feeding ostriches is not that expensive. Female ostriches do not lose their ability to lay eggs for almost 40 years, and one ostrich egg can be used to make an omelette that can feed a dozen people on an excursion. Ostrich meat, ostrich fat and various souvenirs are also sold: leather goods, fans and fans made from ostrich feathers, handmade lamps made from ostrich eggs.

10. Worm farm

Your own worm farm means minimum investment, minimum costs and the possibility of selling not only the worms themselves, but also bio humus and worm tea (water-alkaline extract or vermicompost infusion). For breeding through, they use boxes made of wood and food-grade plastic, old refrigerators or cardboard boxes, which, however, get soaked, and they have to be replaced periodically with new ones. There are also special vermicomposters, which consist of several boxes that are installed one on top of the other, and in the lower one there is a tap for draining vermicai.

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