Earnings on public services: 10 options

Services for the population – this is the direction of business, which still remains for small businesses, as it is tied to people and their skills. Starting investments in it, in comparison with commercial types of business and production, are quite low. And in many activities you can work for yourself. And at the same time earning much more than when working for hire.

1. Repair of household appliances

The most traditional niche of household services is the repair of home appliances , refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens. The competition among masters and service centers is quite high, so if you want to master some areas from scratch, pay attention to more recent niches. For example, today households are increasingly using dishwashers or robotic vacuum cleaners, and there are far fewer craftsmen working with them. The methods of promotion here are the same as everywhere else. First of all, it is high-quality work and word of mouth. Secondly, free bulletin boards on Yandex.Services, Avito, Yulia, and the like.

2. Services of disinfection / disinfestation-deratization

In urban conditions, it is comfortable to live not only for a person, but also for his numerous neighbors, including cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, mice, rats that carry various diseases, pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms. To get rid of all this evil in residential buildings, offices, enterprises, and anywhere else, mankind has come up with special procedures, such as disinsection (destruction of insects), deratization (destruction of rodents) and disinfection (destruction of harmful microorganisms – bacteria and viruses – and prevention their appearance).

In connection with COVID-19, the market for disinfecting services and products around the world is growing at a fast pace, and therefore this niche can be called promising. Moreover, since September 1, 2021, disinfection activities (disinsection, disinfection and deratization) have been excluded from medical activities and now do not require licensing. In this area, there are no serious costs to start – you can enter it with an amount of about 100 thousand rubles.

3. Renting out power tools

Some types of tools for a person to buy does not make much sense. It will be much easier and cheaper to rent what you need. These can be compressors, rotary hammers, jackhammers, generators, vibrating plates, hole drills, wall chasers, concrete mixers, construction vacuum cleaners, and so on. Typically, rent is daily, and the rental price of one unit is approximately 10% of its market value. The peak demand for the tool coincides with the construction season – this is the period from May to October.

4. Salt cave

The business idea of ​​opening salt rooms or salt caves began to be massively implemented in large and small cities of the country several years ago. This business is very simple: it does not require much experience, any special knowledge, permits from the authorities and serious investments. With the help of a specialized company, you are renovating a small room in which a design is created in the form of a cave consisting of salt. Visitors come to breathe in the salt-laden air, which allows them to improve their health and calm their nerves. Of course, in order for guests to come to you and give you money for air with a calm soul, the cave must be beautifully decorated.

5. Husband for an hour

Small everyday problems tend to accumulate, and it can be too expensive and troublesome to call a separate specialist to solve each of them. Usually, a handy man is enough, who will eliminate blockages in the sinks, and set up the Internet properly, and put a new lock on the door. This type of service has received the popular name “husband for an hour” . A husband for an hour is an on-site service that requires a personal car and a set of the most popular tools. He is attractive in that such a specialist does not depend on anyone and, with an established client base, may well earn about 150 thousand rubles a month.

6. Manicure and pedicure

The most budgetary niche within beauty services is manicure and pedicure . You can open your own manicure business in various formats: a nail bar, a nail salon, a manicure studio, a manicure at home or at a beauty salon . Many specialists in this field for themselves, either working on the road, or renting a workspace (when there are many such self-employed specialists on one site, this is called beauty coworking ), or combining both formats.

7. Psychology and training

Recently, due to the increase in stress, and the change in the usual activities in connection with the coronavirus crisis in Russia, the culture for the services of psychologists and coaches have become more active. Psychologists, like other private practice counseling professionals, can also work paying taxes as self-employed. Such activities do not require a license – usually, education is enough. Trending techniques often appear in this niche, for example, working with metaphorical cards or counseling using board games. 

8. Organization of holidays/leisure

No covid restrictions will eradicate the need for entertainment and celebration in people. The cheapest thing to do in this direction is to start on your own, providing, for example, the services of an animator/host of weddings and corporate parties to order. Such unemployed activities fit perfectly within the framework of the new self-employed law. When choosing an idea, remember that the entertainment and event industry is rapidly transforming. Here, more than anywhere else, the ability to constantly surprise the audience is important. You can decide on the direction from a selection of 27 business ideas in the field of entertainment, or refer to entertainment ideas with a sports bias or in the field of excursions, remembering, of course, that not all of them are possible for the self-employed to implement alone.

9. Cutting and uprooting trees

An ordinary person may not be able to clear his site of old trees and stumps, so he can enlist the help of those who will help him for money. Uprooting can be done in different ways: manually, by milling and using an excavator. The cost here also depends on the volume and complexity of the work, so the fee can be either piece by piece for uprooting each stump, or depend on the area – that is, charged per hundred square meters. Usually, people and companies involved in uprooting also offer services for complex cleaning of personal plots, garbage collection, grass mowing, dismantling of buildings , and so on.

10. Point of issue of orders

Pick-up points can be classified into mono-brand and multi-brand. That is, some of them provide services for the issuance of parcels of a particular online store, and some work immediately with many online trading platforms. Which option to choose is up to you. In the case of working for one specific online retailer, on the one hand, there will be fewer orders, but on the other hand, they will pay you more for them.

Popular examples include Boxberry, DPD and CDEK. Their advantage is the huge number of E-commerce players that each of these delivery services works with.

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