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Exercises lunge for the buttocks and inner thighs: 7 options

The main leg exercises for developing the thighs and glutes are lunges. They are used in aerobic and strength training and are considered to be the most beneficial for the muscles. There are several options for performing such exercises, in this article we will look at the main ones.

To get the desired effect from training, you must do the exercises correctly. You can do it without equipment and with dumbbells and barbells, gradually increasing the load. But before moving on to complex exercises, it is recommended to study the traditional technique in detail.

Various options for lunges

1. Traditional.

The simplest option, which does not involve additional load. The exercises are simple to perform – from a standing position, take steps forward, bending your legs alternately at right angles. Optimally, three sets of fifteen “steps” should be performed with each leg.

Exercises lunges for the buttocks and inner thighs: 7 options

2. Reverse with dumbbells.

This exercise option is performed similarly to the previous one, but it is only complicated by the presence of dumbbells in the hands and the reverse step, that is, lunges must be done not forward, but backward.

Exercises lunges for the buttocks and inner thighs: 7 options

3. With a barbell or bar.

The advantages of this option are that the bar has more weight, respectively, the body has a greater load and the leg muscles are better developed. The bar must be held on your shoulders while keeping your back straight. In this case, all lunges should be done forward.

4. Lunges while walking.

There are two variations of this exercise. In the first case, after each step, the supporting leg should be presented to the working leg or step forward with the supporting leg, and not with the working leg. In the second case, you need to perform a series of lunges – ten steps in one direction, then turn around and take the same number of steps in the opposite direction.

5. To the side.

Such gymnastics allows you to develop the thigh muscles well. As a weight, you can use a bar or dumbbells, holding them near the shoulders. Lunges must be done to the right and left alternately, the supporting leg must be bent at a right angle.

6. With the rise of the knee.

The most difficult training option, but at the same time the most effective. This exercise allows you to tighten your leg muscles well in a fairly short time. The main thing is to do it right. To do this, you need to take a squat position, placing your working leg in the center of the support platform, and straighten the other leg, and put it on your toe. Due to the muscles of the working leg, one should align, without changing the position of the second leg and without touching the platform, but making swinging movements and raising the knee-high. After performing such a movement, the second leg must be placed on the platform next to the first and then repeat everything in the reverse order.

Exercises lunges for the buttocks and inner thighs: 7 options

7. Bulgarian technology.

This method of performing the exercise is similar to the traditional one, with the exception of one point – you need to train with a bench. It is enough to stand with your back to it, but the lower part of the lower leg on its surface, and squat as in the traditional version, then perform similar movements with the second leg. Dumbbells can be used as a weight.

When performing these exercises, it is imperative to monitor your back so that it is straight, as well as your legs, they should bend at right angles and be widely spaced. If lunges are performed incorrectly, pain in the lower back, knee, and ankle joint can occur, so be sure to follow the technique of execution. Do not exercise for those who have chronic knee problems.

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