Handmade goods: 10 ideas for making money on handmade

With the development of the Internet, social networks as sales channels, and the availability of educational information, there are many more earning needlework masters. This niche is attractive because it is primarily for the soul, so there is no need to look for motivation here. The main thing is to build an effective scheme of production and sales. One that would not only cover current costs but also bring the desired profit.

1. Baking and confectionery

Today it is possible to legally engage in baking and confectionery production at home, working as a self-employed person. Since self-employment does not imply an industrial scale of production, and there have not yet been high-profile cases of poisoning with homemade cakes, there is no interest in this type of activity on the part of the inspection bodies. There are no sanitary rules written specifically for the self-employed, they are also not required to have a sanitary book. You can deal with cakes, sweets, figured chocolate, cupcakes, fortune cookies, and other sweets that are popular in social networks. According to the law, no one forbids self-employed people to rent premises, however, it is impossible to sell products there, for example, confectionery. To open a confectionery and pass Rospotrebnadzor checks, you need at least the status of an individual entrepreneur.

2. Production of natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics, of course, at home may not always be natural, rather, the fact of its production by one’s own hands is emphasized here. This category includes handmade soap (we wrote about it here and about options for its type – here ), dry and regular shampoos, scrubs, and much more. Such goods are usually purchased not for themselves, but as a gift, so you need to work out attractive packaging (which, in fact, makes sales) or create a bright gift set on any topic.

3. Production of souvenirs and gifts

There are countless directions within this niche. The particular demand for goods in this category is observed during periods of major holidays, such as New Year, March 8, and February 23, but they are sold at other times due to private holidays. These can be designer dolls and other handmade toys from different materials, ceramic and pottery, wood products, macrame decorations, unusual handmade notebooks and much more. Such products are best sold through social networks, as well as profiles on sites for the sale of handicrafts like Etsy and “ Crafts Fair ”.

4. Tailoring

The traditional, but always in demand direction of handmade is sewing clothes. There are a million directions and niches here – this is the production of knitted items like sweaters and hats, and the creation of colorful carnival costumes , the production and sale of slings , and so on. Today it is possible to engage in such activities in the self-employment format , however, it must be remembered that it is impossible to engage in the resale of ready-made clothes in this status, only tailoring.

5. Author’s jewelry

Jewelry is the product that allows many women not only to express themselves perfectly, but also to earn money. An infinite number of combinations of materials and a creative approach to business in the complex give jewelry that is sold with a markup of 200-300%, although some entrepreneurs bring it up to 1000%. It is advisable to clearly define the idea of ​​\u200b\u200ba business with your own hands, which you like and realize your business in it. It can be weaving from wires and threads, creating leather products, carving on bone and wood, beading, soutache embroidery and much more.

6. Create gift sets and bouquets

The modern sophisticated consumer can be less and less surprised by any particular product, so the niche of their unusual combination is expanding more and more. If you have the talent of a compiler and strive to surprise, try one of the proposed business ideas for selling gift sets or create your own following their example. For example, you can sell flower and fruit baskets, handmade candle sets , or custom chocolate boxes.

7. Unusual handmade accessories

Buyers doubly appreciate those handmade products that are not only beautiful, but also functional. For example, if these are stylish accessories. And it is not at all necessary to make them from obvious materials, for example, from leather or fabric. For example, in the production of original bow ties , wood with engraving or sea shells is used. Greater financial returns in this direction can be obtained by selling accessories in sets. For example, a men’s set might include bow ties, ties, suspenders, cufflinks, and other items.

8. Handmade dishes

Today, the trend is environmental goods and business on them , so all kinds of plastic can be countered with something more environmentally friendly. For example, to make dishes from wood . Wood is an excellent material for making bowls and plates, trays and containers, cutting boards, rolling pins and rolling pins. Birch, larch, linden, aspen, cedar, juniper, bamboo, hevea are often used for dishes.

As a starter set of tools, you may need a lathe, cutters, jigsaw, saw, chisel, planer and grinder. For dishes, the lower part of the trunk, rhizome or burl of a freshly cut tree is best suited. The wood should have a straight-grain structure without shells. Finished products are covered with food varnish or other means that are harmless to the body and do not spoil the quality of food.

9. Products for flower growers

As a handmade direction, you can choose products for floriculture – to make pots, planters, various hanging structures and racks. Naturally, you need not to interfere with the mass market, so you need to create from unusual materials. For example, flower pots today are made not only from wood and boards, but from stumps, and eco-pots are made from coconuts. Also popular today are the technological trends of the so-called levitating pots and pots with automatic watering – which, if desired, can be designed in a non-standard author’s style.

10. Artistic creativity

Stereotypical thinking associates an “artist” with a freelance creator who creates beauty but lives on a penny. Fortunately, things are completely different. Practice shows that contemporary artists can become successful entrepreneurs. And they can monetize their talent with the help of fashion trends (street art), unusual materials used in their work, non-trivial concepts (for example, paintings in the form of DNA drawings), and all kinds of activities – art parties, master classes. If you want to find something original and attract money, 10 business ideas for an artist and 20 ways to make money online as an artist will help you .

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