How to make money on treasure hunting

Treasure hunting is a hobby for romantics, a hobby for optimists, and a profitable business for entrepreneurs. Moreover, the main income is brought not at all by found treasures, but by the organization of their search.

Experienced treasure hunters claim that stories about countless treasures that were stored underground for centuries and accidentally found by our contemporaries are not fiction at all. True, most of the most interesting finds and discoveries were made on the territory of Western countries, which is associated with a more developed movement of “treasure hunters” there.

The relatively small number of domestic legal treasure hunters is due to the legal difficulties of legal registration of this type of activity and high prices for special equipment.

However, the growing popularity of treasure hunting as a hobby and entertainment has led to the creation of unusual agencies that specialize in the rental of special equipment and equipment and provide training for beginners.

Such agencies usually rent out all the necessary equipment for searching on an hourly basis. This payment option is preferable for clients who turn to a specialist for a specific purpose – for example, to find a lost piece of jewelry or to check their site for buried treasure. In addition, your potential customers are lovers of unusual types of recreation, who consider treasure hunting only as entertainment.

An experienced instructor, who also acts as a guide, trains beginners, gathers a group and thinks over the route. At the same time, most of his work takes place in the archives, where he studies old maps and documents. The “legend” (and, preferably, as reliable as possible) about the area where the search is being carried out is no less important for the participants in the campaign than possible finds.

Before opening a “treasure” agency, you will have to take care of purchasing the necessary tools. Prices for the simplest models of metal detectors start from 10-15 thousand rubles. This equipment is suitable for beginners.

Professional equipment costs at least 30-35 thousand rubles. And this is not counting the cost of sportswear, backpacks, tents and other camping equipment. But knowledge is the most valuable thing. Information about what, how and where to look is the main condition for successful expeditions.

The main difficulties that will have to be solved when organizing such a business are legal. The fact is that such an activity as “search for lost treasures” is not in the state register. In addition, according to the law, “things found related to historical or cultural monuments are subject to transfer to state ownership.” At the same time, the owner of the site where the treasure was discovered is entitled to half of the found treasure, from which he, as an individual, will have to pay taxes.

If the values ​​were found by someone else, but with the consent of the owner of the site, then these 50% will have to be divided between them in half.

Formally, a treasure means money or valuable items. But how to determine the value of an object (for example, a found coin or an iron horseshoe) is not entirely clear.

Therefore, before preparing all the necessary documents, consult with a lawyer. And in order to avoid various legal problems, make sure that the route of your excursions does not pass through private property and lands under state protection.

Hand-held inexpensive metal detectors allow you to explore the soil only to a depth of 0.3-0.5 meters. And yet, 99% of all archaeological finds were made by lone amateurs with the help of such simple equipment.

The remaining 1% falls to the share of professional archaeologists. However, most novice treasure hunters treat such searches as a hobby, enjoying not the result, but the process itself.

Even a coin issued several decades ago, or a nail from a hundred years ago, although not of great value, can become a real treasure for a treasure hunter.

So, let’s calculate the costs of opening a “treasure search agency.” It will take about 60 thousand rubles to register an individual entrepreneur (if you plan to work independently), purchase 3-5 metal detectors, consult a lawyer and complete all necessary documents.

Advertising costs will be minimal – it is enough to place ads in newspapers and on specialized sites where lovers of unusual types of recreation gather.

The cost of renting equipment is about 2.5 thousand rubles per hour.

Participation in a one-day excursion with training – from 2-3 thousand rubles. from a person. Metal detector rental services are most in demand during the period from March-April to November.

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