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Ideal “fifth point”: SUPER exercises on the back of the thigh

The muscles in the back of the thigh make up the majority of the legs and should be given a lot of attention in training programs. Any exercises that work on this group also affect the pumping of the buttocks, which contributes to the formation of an expressive and elastic “butt point”.

But it usually turns out that the back of the thighs is not involved in the vast majority of cases in everyday life. Therefore, it is necessary to include them in any training complexes in order to achieve a spectacular shape of the legs and beautiful gluteal muscles. Anatomical features.  The back of the thighs consists of three main muscles: the hamstrings, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus muscle tissues. They are responsible for hip extension and bending of any kind with straightened legs, for knee flexion, and for the outward and inward rotational movements of the lower legs. In performing exercises for all these muscle groups, the large adductor muscles are of great help.

4 exercises for the hips

1. Stepping onto the support

This effective exercise helps tone the muscles of the legs and buttocks and burn excess fat. It can be done very simply: by its own weight or with weights in hand.

Ideal "fifth point": SUPER exercises on the back of the thigh

To perform, stand 40-50 cm from the gymnastic bench or any support and step on it with one foot. Leave the other leg on the weight (it does not become), after that, lower it to the floor. Repeat as needed, first for one leg only, then for the other.

For deep muscle work – do 3-4 sets of 12-16 reps for each leg.

For weight loss – 4-5 sets of 16-20 steps.

Ideal "fifth point": SUPER exercises on the back of the thigh

2. Glute bridge

Lying on your back, pelvic raises are an excellent workout for muscle tissue, and help to form a toned, prominent and elastic buttocks.

Do the exercise – lying on your back. Place your hands along the body, press your palms firmly to the floor. Bend your knees, to increase the load, press your feet as close to the buttocks as possible. Raise the pelvic area until the torso forms a straight line with the hips. Tighten your buttocks as much as possible and lock in for five seconds. Then slowly and smoothly return to the starting position. Do 15-20 repetitions. Ideal if you touch your heels with your toes. Try to keep your knees and feet hip-width apart. Otherwise, the load will be less intense and the performance will decrease.

Ideal "fifth point": SUPER exercises on the back of the thigh

3. Classic lunges

These are basic exercises that should be included in any workout routine. They can be performed using their own weight, also with the help of weights, a barbell, and any type of weights.

This option is performed while standing still. Put one leg forward at full foot, the other on toe. Do lunges alternately with each leg and return them to their original position.

Perform 3-4 sets of 15-20 times on each leg.

Ideal "fifth point": SUPER exercises on the back of the thigh

4. Squat correctly

When performed regularly and correctly, fatty tissue is processed and muscle mass is gained throughout the body. The strongest effect is on the gluteus maximus muscles and the spine corset. Sufficient stress goes on the heart, which helps to strengthen it.

To obtain the maximum effect, you should strongly strain the abdominal muscles during execution. Breathing should be even, smooth, not linger. Make sure that your posture is level and your heels are on the floor. Beginners can squat without weights and perform 50 or more repetitions, then you can use a barbell or dumbbells, 15-30 repetitions will be enough.

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