Indoor Planting: 5 Business Ideas

If you get along well with plants, and have flowering gardens on your home windowsills and balconies, try yourself in the direction of apartment plant growing and floristry. The expenses here are small, perhaps much more patience is needed, because there is practically no quick money here. Plants can be sold through social networks and ad sites, and YouTube has long been the guide on how to send plants by mail, even over long distances.

1. Sale of cuttings of rare plants

Some rare plants have pretty hefty price tags and you can sell rooted cuttings. In particular, cuttings of rare types of philodendrons worth more than 100 thousand rubles are sometimes found on ad sites! Of course, the sale of such options seems like a happy accident, but there are a lot of mid-price plants, and some people manage to make money on the most ordinary home flowers like tradescantia. Since tradescantia takes root well and quickly gives new shoots, even by regularly selling cups with cuttings for 100 rubles, you can earn something.

2. Growing plant predators

Among the most popular predator plants are sundew, venus flytrap, nepenthes, butterwort and sarracenia. Each of these plants has its own characteristics and methods of hunting for insects, which will not leave indifferent even those who are not fond of plant growing. Basically, carnivorous plants require high humidity (it is better to grow them in florariums), regular watering and diffused light, without a lot of direct sunlight and shade. In room conditions, it is difficult to do without additional artificial lighting. With it, predators will grow better, and seeds will germinate faster. The choice of lamps and lighting largely depends on the region of cultivation and the amount of natural light.

3. Growing cacti and succulents

Succulents are a good option for a small home business. Succulents are unpretentious, do not take up much space, and can also go without water for a whole month, which makes it convenient to deliver them by mail over long distances. You can start growing succulents at home by equipping a corner of the house or a room for a greenhouse, and in the future by equipping a greenhouse.

A special category of succulents familiar to everyone is cacti. Cacti are not just sticks and balls with needles, they are a huge variety of plant species, sometimes completely different from each other. To grow a cactus to an adult that can bloom, on average it takes about six months. The cost will depend on the type, but usually it is 300-2000 rubles or more. Blooming cacti usually cost twice as much.

4. Sale of florariums and flowers in a bottle

The most unusual thing is to sell flowers not in ordinary pots, but in florariums. These can be glass polyhedrons, vessels, balls, large jars, bottles, and so on. But the choice of vessels is far from the main thing when creating a florarium. Here we are talking about creating a sustainable ecosystem, so you need to master the “materiel” well. Selling flowers in florariums also requires a special approach to their design, a sense of taste and high-quality photographs are required. But thanks to all the efforts you put in, you will have more scope for markups. Florariums sell well through social networks as gifts and for the holidays.

5. Making Japanese kokedama

Kokedama is an unusual Japanese way of growing flowers without pots, a kind of bonsai art. This name translates as “a globe covered with moss.” According to the simplest scheme, an earthen lump under a plant turns into moss or other moisture-intensive material (including artificial). Due to the fact that such balls are usually hung from walls or ceilings, a very unusual and environmentally friendly decor element is obtained. And besides, it allows you to refuse plastic pots. You can make kokedama both on your own and by buying a blank on the Internet. While few people have heard about kokedamas in Russia, the markup on plants can be high.

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