Mini-business in a residential area of ​​the city: 5 ideas

The sleeping area is that part of the city mainly with private residential buildings and high-rise residential complexes, which is remote from the center with its offices, shops, and entertainment, and from industrial zones. In these areas, what is most in demand is related to everyday affairs and needs. These are hairdressers and beauty salons, grocery stores and water dispensers, and pharmacies. What other low investment ideas are in demand in these areas?

1. Kindergarten at home

In many new residential high-rise areas, local authorities do not have time to meet the need of the local population for kindergartens. There, parents are looking for an opportunity to leave the child under the supervision of at least someone, a relative, a neighbor, or they are forced to take the child to another part of the city. In such places, the organization of a kindergarten at home will become a popular business . The profit of a kindergarten at home may well amount to 100 thousand rubles. per month.

To start, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur , properly equip your own or rented apartment and provide “day care services for children” (OKVED code 88.9). An individual entrepreneur can hire educators and other employees and conduct business in a residential area. But there are also pitfalls, for example, noise complaints from neighbors. 

2. Sale of vegetables and fruits

One of the most common ways to make money in residential areas is fruit and vegetable shops. People consume them daily, the flow of customers among large residential complexes is high, it is quite simple to organize a business in the format of a small kiosk. Such a mini-business may well bring 50-100 thousand rubles a month. 

3. Beer point

Live beer, purchased in large containers, is usually drunk at home. Therefore, it is more profitable to open a beer shop in residential areas. In Russia, beer is one of the three most consumed alcoholic beverages. To start, investments of 200-400 thousand rubles will be required – it depends on the scale of the business. On average, the profit of a beer outlet is 50-100 thousand rubles per month. 

4. Parking for strollers/bicycles

In large apartment buildings, it is sometimes inconvenient for residents from the upper floors to carry strollers, bicycles and other things with them back and forth. After all, elevators in many houses are too small for this, and it is very difficult or impossible to move up the stairs with such a load. Therefore, on the first or basement floors, a premise or zone for secure parking is rented. Of course, you can’t earn much on this, and keep in mind that the number of the target audiences in your building may be insufficient.

5. Street food outlet

In high-risk areas where many people live, the smell of shawarma being prepared, fresh buns or donuts will surely attract many people. Moreover, unlike the city center, there is a certain advantage here. For example, by buying ready-made food on the way from home, people do not have to eat it on the go, they can do it at home, and even cook dinner themselves. The entrepreneur has many options for choosing directions: pies and pies, donuts and donuts, shawarma, tacos and fajitas, hot dogs and corn dogs , pizza and cone pizza, fast food waffles, noodles, pancakes and so on. For example, a shawarma point can be opened for 200-300 thousand rubles, and when choosing a good place, it can bring 100 thousand rubles. net profit.

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