Mini-production at home: 10 business ideas

With the development of online trading channels and the emergence of an abundance of video manuals, the trend for mini-production at home is growing. Such a business is especially suitable for those who have free space, for example, an extra room, a large garage, or a hangar. Mini-productions usually involve a minimum set of equipment (most often, one-machine production is preferred ), as well as work alone or with a minimum number of assistants.

1. Engraving and laser cutting

A well-known but still current idea is laser cutting or engraving using CNC and laser machines. The cost of equipment can vary significantly depending on the features. For example, a laser machine can be bought for 20 thousand rubles, but it can only work with a soft surface and a small area. But for a multifunctional CNC machine, you will have to pay 300 – 400 thousand rubles. So the choice of equipment depends entirely on financial capabilities. You can do a lot of things with these machines: produce products from plywood, wood, chipboard, etc., engraving can be applied to leather, wood, cardboard, paper, metal, using laser cutting, you can produce “openwork” boxes, plates, lampshades for nightlights, collapsible designs of models,

2. 3D printing at home

A popular type of equipment for small-scale production at home remains a 3D printer. The cost of the most budget options starts from 20 thousand rubles. However, before buying a 3D printer, it is worth remembering that not every plastic product that you can print on it, you can sell. A product that can be sold at a high price is sometimes not enough to just be useful, it should ideally be unique, authorial and designer 23 ideas for home production in the field of three-dimensional printing we offer in this selection You can also purchase a desktop vacuum former in conjunction with a 3D printer.

3. Production of wooden toys

Whichever way you look, wooden toys have pluses everywhere – they are environmentally friendly, safe, aesthetic in appearance, and pleasant to the touch. All that remains is the “little thing” – so that not only adults but also children like them. Wooden construction sets, puzzles, multi-level car parks made of wood for boys and multi-story dollhouses for girls are especially in demand today. Good sales volumes are also shown by the developing direction as a whole, for example, Montessori toys, business boards and puzzles. Some of the unusual ideas can be peeped in this collection. What is nice, the production of some options, especially toys for kids, is enough for a minimum set of tools.

4. Making printed clothes

The idea is already well known, but it does not lose its relevance. The main thing is to come up with a unique offer that will make you stand out in the market. Here it is enough to have a creative streak, be inspired by ideas in the outside world or the Internet and pay attention to foreign trends. The production of printed T-shirts does not involve complex technological processes. You need to buy a textile printer and raw materials – basic t-shirts on which you will apply the pattern. In addition, you will need a heat press, a computer, a graphic image. In total, about 500 thousand rubles for the entire business. The profitability of the business is about 300% – because the margin on finished products is high.

5. Own mini-forge

If you’re thinking about turning your garage into a mini forge, then you can’t do without a hydraulic forging press. These machines can be used for decorative sponge, as well as for cold and hot forging, since a small gas furnace is provided in the kit. More than 40 complex forged elements can be produced on such a machine. But keep in mind that this is a fire hazardous business, and it requires training and skills development, because the success and quality of your products depend on them.

6. Line for the production of self-tapping screws

Self-tapping screws are one of the most versatile fasteners that are widely used in construction, renovation or manufacturing. At the same time , it is quite simple to produce self-tapping screws ; this business does not require special knowledge or work experience. The sales market for self-tapping screws is very wide – both small hardware stores and large supermarkets sell them. In addition, there are no well-known and popular brands on the market, which makes it easier for any new manufacturer to enter the business. For the organization of a small production, a room of 30 squares will do.

7. Making chests, boxes, caskets

For the production of simple boxes or caskets, it is not required to have a set of expensive equipment. Enough of a milling table with simple cutters, a jigsaw, a grinder and a couple of clamps. And as a material for the first experience, you can even use scraps of parquet, all kinds of wooden dies, pieces of plywood, MDF and chipboard. Since caskets and cases are small-sized goods, you can make them at home, in the format of a mini-business in the garage . In addition, already at the start, you can practice decorating, for example, by immediately purchasing ready-made blanks on Aliexpress and similar sites. A larger and more expensive option in this direction may be the production of chests: the principles of their production are largely similar.

8. Create Wall Maps

Today, wall maps made of veneer or plywood have become a new and unusual decor element for offices and private homes. Usually such maps are made of veneer or plywood, cutting out the borders of countries, seas and continents on CNC laser machines. On the Internet, you can find ways to make such cards without serious equipment, and many manufacturers at one time started their business from a garage. Depending on the complexity of execution, materials and lotions, interior cards can cost both 5-7 thousand and 30-40 thousand rubles.

9. Photobook production

Production is not always about wood and metal, it is also about paper and creativity. One of the popular ideas is to start making photobooks. To realize your plans, you need a quality printer and good paper. Binding can be done by hand or ordered from a printing house.

The cost of a photobook will depend on the number of pages. For example, the production of an album of 10 pages will cost you about 500 rubles, including the binding. But they sell such photobooks at a price of 1500 or even 2000 rubles. Thus, from one photobook you get more than 1000 rubles of net profit. With the development of social media, print photography is very popular. So enter the market with an interesting offer – and you will not be left without orders.

10. Production of indoor fountains

Indoor fountains in the house work as objects of psychological relief. Even a cursory glance at the murmuring water running between stones and leaves can calm a person. If desired, even a person without experience can make a home fountain. Indoor fountains work on the principle of the water cycle. Therefore, the technical part of the product is based on a pump powered by batteries or mains. Another constant element is a certain container where water flows. Its appearance, and, in fact, other elements will depend on your imagination. For decor, shells, stones, figurines, moss, LED lighting are used. As a rule, the brighter and more original the idea, the higher the margin.

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