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Named the best exercise for firm glutes (not squats!)

Fitness experts say that in order to add volume to the buttocks and significantly improve the shape, you need to do Bulgarian lunges. This exercise engages the gluteus muscle much better than squats, which means the effect is better and faster.

Bulgarian lunges can be performed without weights, using your own body weight. After fully mastering the technique, you can take dumbbells, water bottles, or any other weight.

How to do bulgarian lunges

The supporting leg should be placed on a slight elevation. You can use a gymnastic bench, a small box. At home, an ottoman or sofa is suitable. This performance concentrates the load on the muscles of the working leg. It requires special concentration since all the work will have to be done with the muscles of only one leg, which can be difficult. In addition, you will need to maintain a balance at the same time.

1. The main function of the support leg is to support weight and prevent falls. Therefore, the leg muscles are worked out very carefully. You can distribute the load on each leg, increase or decrease it.

2. These exercises affect the pelvic and femoral articular apparatus, give it flexibility, improve mobility.

3. Lunges help balance training. Keeping balance and working on the muscles at the same time makes the muscles of the entire trunk function. In addition, good balance comes in handy for many movements.

4. The load on the spinal column is minimal, since there is no need to tilt the body.

5. When performing, there is an enhanced stretching of the gluteal muscles. The contractions of the muscles increase and the muscles of the buttocks are intensively worked out.

6. During this technique, the maximum number of muscle fibers is involved, so the Bulgarian lunges faster and more efficiently than other exercises will tone the buttocks and make a seductive relief.

Features of technology

  • without training experience, it will be difficult to master the technique of execution, but with regular practice, movements can be performed even at home;
  • lunges create an increased load on the knee joints, therefore, people with diseases in these zones should first consult with a competent specialist or bandage their knees with an elastic bandage;
  • the ankle of the working leg must be kept in an upright position, you need to follow the direction of the toe and knee – only forward;
  • the body should be kept straight, without bending or bending to the sides;
  • with good mastery of the execution technique, you can use small dumbbells or a barbell.

Performing lunges

  • starting position – stand with your back to a small elevation and put your right foot on it, hands-free, in the lock at chest level or on the belt;
  • put your left leg one step away from the dais, during execution, the bent knee should make an angle of 90 degrees;
  • bending the knee, do a squat, straining the gluteal muscles;
  • increasing the tension, lift your torso, straightening the leg, and returning to the starting position. Perform 10-15 times, 3-4 approaches for each leg.

Start with 10 reps for each leg, do 3-4 sets. When you learn how to balance, connect the weights. During the exercise, concentrate on the gluteal muscles, lower down slowly and smoothly, up – a little sharper. Pinch your buttocks when lifting.

Do Bulgarian lunges 3-4 times a week and after 2 months you will see amazing results.

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