Online types of earnings at the computer: 15 ways to earn money

Usually, to work on the network today, you no longer need to sit in the office and attend planning meetings with the authorities. Work can be done from home, sitting at a laptop, even if you are not a freelancer, but are on the staff of the company. There are many more ideas in this area than we have presented below. These directions are one of the most common.

1. Creation of sites and one-pagers

Today, thanks to the development of online designers, almost everyone can master the creation of websites. For example, you can master some kind of constructor like Tilda and make money on it (more on this here) . However, this direction also has a downside – the market is full of offers, so in order to catch the eye of a potential client, you will have to try hard. Therefore, at first you will have to take on simple and not very monetary orders, gain experience, accumulate a portfolio and reviews. You can place ads about your services both on bulletin boards and on service sites / freelance exchanges.

2. Earnings on likes / comments / subscriptions

You won’t earn much in this direction, but you don’t need to invest anything other than your time (even effort). We are talking about websites and mobile applications with a list of easy online tasks. Such tasks are called “boxes”. The main tasks are approximately the following: download the game and leave a review on it; view a promotional video; register on the site; join a group in VK, etc. The essence of earnings is simple: you complete the task – and get paid. You can earn 100-500 rubles a day, but no more.

3. Online store

Online trading is a large-scale direction, all possible niches of which are difficult to cover in a nutshell. It is possible to sell via the Internet as goods produced independently (about home production and not only we will say further), repurchased goods and even other people’s goods, according to the dropshipping scheme (more on that later).

4. Earnings on freelance exchanges

You can find a lot of diverse work on freelance exchanges like Kwork,,, Workzilla, Weblancer and others. There are a lot of such exchanges now. There are both specialized and highly specialized. There you can get an order for writing an article, design development, website layout, promotion of an Internet resource, creation of logos, administration and promotion of accounts and groups in social networks, etc. 

5. Copywriting, writing

If you have literacy and the ability to work with texts, it is not difficult to become a copywriter, all that remains is to correctly present yourself and throw fishing rods in several places at once: on ad sites, by developing your own website, by posting information on several freelance exchanges. At first, you can work at home, and with more stable and higher earnings and a desire to change places, you can change your place of deployment. Another option is to go into free topics, create your own blog and write about what is interesting and what you want. One of the platforms for authors that allows you to earn money on texts is Yandex.Zen. The scheme is as follows: if a post gains a certain number of rereads in a week, Yandex starts embedding ads in your article and pays you money. The more readers you have, the more you get. 

6. Sale of information products

If you are an expert in some area, you can earn money on information products: sell courses, training materials, webinars, guides, etc. Despite the fact that the topic has long been heard and actively used by many, it is still relevant. The main thing is to create a quality product, and not hack-work or something that has already lost its relevance. The essence of the idea is simple: you create one information product, and then sell it repeatedly. The sales mechanism can work automatically if you set up all the tools. 

7. Online learning

An obvious direction for educators and in general for all people who can teach something is to conduct classes online. Whatever subject you specialize in, lessons can be conducted via Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp and other services. You can start working in this direction from scratch by placing ads on the Internet. Also today there are various exchanges and online schools that act as an intermediary between students and teachers – YouDo, Foxford,, Preply, Italki,, Tetrika and others. To work fully within the law, you will need to register as self-employed and pay tax on professional income. 

8. Online copy center

The essence of the online business idea is simple: the client sends you an electronic file with text by e-mail. These can be term papers and theses, electronic tickets, photographs, etc. You print them, staple them if necessary, pack them and send them to the customer via courier. Documents can be edited for a fee. To start a business, you will need to purchase an MFP.

9. Make money from podcasts

The audience of podcasts has been growing in recent years, and many famous brands and personalities have their own podcasts. To organize your podcast, in addition to knowing what exactly you will be broadcasting, you also need technology. These are microphones, stands, sound processing programs, sometimes sound cards are needed. Secondly, we need advertising – social networks, collaborations with other presenters, mutual PR with bloggers, and so on. You can earn money in three main ways: by charging money for a subscription, collecting donations, or inserting advertising content into issues. So far, this direction cannot be definitely called monetary, it is rather a part-time job.

10. Sale of accounts in games

An idea for those who like to spend time playing video games. You can earn money by leveling up characters in PC and mobile games, and then sell the account to a player who doesn’t want to spend time leveling up. You can earn here from several tens to several tens of thousands, depending on the game and account development.

11. Earnings on streams

On YouTube, Twitch and other services, you can stream (live) and earn on transfers (donations) from viewers. Most donations are sent to streamers who film the passage of computer games. In addition, the service can pay money for streams by adding ads. The more viewers who watch your broadcast, the higher your income will be.

12. Buying Income Sites

Such a source of passive income as the purchase of a ready-made site remains relevant. There are unprofitable and profitable projects, so sites are constantly selling and buying. Where can I buy a site? There are various services (Telderi, Flippa, Bitus, that allow you to buy or sell a site and ensure the security of transactions. They act as an intermediary and receive their percentage of the transaction.

As a rule, the price of the site is calculated based on the payback of the project. But it all depends on the method of monetization: sites with passive income are more expensive. You can earn, for example, by connecting contextual advertising services like Google AdSense or by placing partner materials and links.

13. Earnings on affiliate programs

The essence of affiliate programs is that you advertise third-party services and portals on your website or in your social networks. For users clicking on links or for targeted actions (for example, for a purchase, product, service or subscription), you receive a reward from a partner. Of course, this option of additional earnings is more suitable for those who have their own resources on the Internet, but this condition is not mandatory. You can search for affiliate programs using special services, for example:, Bintrader, Monecle LetyShops, etc. You can earn money in different ways. Each partner has its own conditions. As a rule, these are small amounts that cannot replace a salary, but are additional income.

14. Trading through marketplaces

Marketplaces are not so much top business ideas as a new and popular distribution channel. Today, more and more small businesses are immersed in it and attract newcomers. Marketplaces are actively developing today, they are opening new warehouses, distribution points, and expanding the geography of their presence. We wrote about the features of working on some of them here , as well as, in particular, about Wildberry and its trends , Yandex-Market , SberMegaMarket . Some marketplaces, such as Wildberries, allow trading through their platforms not only for individual entrepreneurs and LLCs, but also for the self-employed, plus they take on the delivery and packaging process and fulfillment schemes.

15. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of the cheapest ways to shop online. Its essence is that it completely removes the need for the seller to purchase goods. The manufacturer himself will send the goods to the buyer, and you only need to send the fact of the order. That is, you do not need to produce or store products, you simply do not have them in stock, you act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller, who earns on his margin. You can work in this way at home, solving purely organizational issues. In dropshipping, you do not risk your own funds, and you can handle the amount of work alone. 

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