Pet business: 5 ways to make money

The word “zoo business” is usually represented by a pet store or a zoo, but you can make money on animals in other ways, and sometimes with zero investment. This, of course, is mainly about goods and services for pets.

1. Tailoring for pets

In recent years, the attitude of people towards pets has changed, now the clothes of a cat or dog are no longer perceived as a luxury and whims of the owner, they have become one of the attributes of modern city life. And thanks to social networks, it has become much easier to advertise services for the production of such clothes. For production, you only need a good sewing machine. Therefore, it is quite possible to organize a workshop at home. You can also sell your products through an online store, on various ad sites such as Avito, on handmade marketplaces such as Masters Fair and Etsy , etc. You can also partner with local pet stores.

2. Dog walking

Earnings that even a schoolboy can do – dog walking . You just take the dog and walk with it. Many owners do not always have time to walk their dogs. At the initial stage, you can walk with one pet, but this will not bring much income. You can buy a leash for walking several dogs. You will spend a maximum of 500 rubles on this. But you can earn 10-20 thousand rubles on such an idea. Depending on how many pets you will be walking. In Russia, such services are only gaining popularity, but they are already finding customers.

3. Furniture for animals

An increasingly popular product for pets is specialty furniture for pets. It can be various beds and scratching posts, houses, booths and even entire gaming complexes. Today, all this is in demand among the owners, but in ordinary pet stores the choice of such products is limited or looks too gray and uninteresting. Often this furniture does not fit into the interior and does not fit the individual requirements of the owners. The idea is simple, but quite profitable. Investments will be minimal. The main thing here is to offer beautiful quality products and brightly advertise them on social networks.

4. Zoo hotel / overexposure of animals

For pet owners, the question often arises of where and with whom to leave a pet during a vacation or business trip. It is especially difficult for owners of large dogs: few will agree to take them in for supervision, especially indoors. Therefore, if the area of ​​​​your site allows, you can equip the enclosures and equip them comfortably. The animal must have both a place to hide and a place to stay in the fresh air. Such services can be called an overexposure or zoo hotel and are supplemented by a whole range of services: food, combing, walking, photo reports for owners, and so on.

5. Pet therapy

An unusual direction that can become a chip somewhere in the countryside or suburbs of a large city is pet therapy. The bottom line is, you provide animals for communication with people who are experiencing stress for any reason. Do not confuse this direction with petting zoos at their worst – consumerism and sometimes cruelty to animals is unacceptable here. But what kind of animals they will be, you need to decide. Perhaps you decide to create something well-known, for example, a cat cafe , or perhaps you decide to choose a more original direction – then 6 unusual examples of pet therapy will help you think in the right way.

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