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Remove underarm fat: 3 exercises

Here’s an effective underarm fat loss method that will make you a star on the beach if done regularly for 3 weeks.

The grace and precision of each body line is difficult to achieve. To do this, you need to follow a certain diet and practice physical activity on an ongoing basis – both cardio and special exercises for various muscle groups. That is why most often it is among athletes that bodies close to ideal are more common.

But if everything is more or less clear with how to pump the muscles of the press or legs, then few people know how to remove excess fat from the armpits. Here ‘s a 3-week underarm exercise that will make you a star on the beach if you do it regularly for 3 weeks.

How to remove underarm fat? Exercises

Often the main reason for the appearance of ugly folds in the armpits is excess weight. Owners of overweight pounds experience not only physical discomfort but also psychological. Today we will share an effective method for getting rid of fat in this problem area.

Special exercises will help you burn extra pounds. To complete them, you need a small rubber ball and a strong tower. With this set of exercises, you will correct the problem area of ​​the armpits after 3 weeks.

A set of exercises

1. Squeezing the ball

It must be squeezed in three positions. First, take the ball and raise your hands up, try to squeeze it with your palms as much as possible. In this case, the back should be straight, and the shoulders should be lowered. In this position, you need to stand for 30 seconds.

Lower your arms parallel to the floor and, squeezing the ball with your palms, stand in this position for 30 seconds. Then lower your arms down and repeat the exercise.

2. Stretching the towel

Take a towel and stretch your arms parallel to the floor. Try to stretch it as much as possible. Then, grab the two opposite edges of the towel and lift your arms up. Keep your back straight and shoulders down. Try to stretch the towel as much as possible.

Simple in both positions for 30 seconds, then take a short break and repeat 4 more times.

Remove underarm fat: 3 exercises

3. Plank

You need to start the exercise while lying on bent elbows. Keep your back straight and raise your pelvis as much as possible. In this position, you need to hold out for 60 seconds, then take a short break.

Repeat this exercise 4 times.

For effective results, it is best to carry out such a workout every other day. 

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