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TOP 5 fat burning exercises for the breeches zone

The breeches zone, also known as the ears on the thighs, is one of the most difficult to lose weight. Fat deposits on the thighs are reluctant to leave, provoke cellulite and aesthetically spoil the appearance. In the article, we give better exercises from breeches and tips on how to speed up the process of losing weight in the hips.

What we call the area of ​​breeches are large fat deposits that are associated with stagnation of fluid, blood or lymph in this area of ​​the body. These ears are often accompanied by other accumulations in the lower abdomen, and what is called “heavy lower”. This concept includes the accumulation of fluid in the legs, often in the knee area, and excess fat on the entire surface of the thighs.

What to do to eliminate breeches?

It is quite possible to remove excess fat in the thigh area, but you will have to be patient since the method requires an integrated approach and the introduction of good habits.

1. First you need to be tested for hormones by an endocrinologist. If body fat is associated with thyroid problems, then the results from exercise will be negligible, although it will strengthen the body.

2. Try to reduce the tension in the hip joints as much as possible. This means that you should not cross your legs when sitting or standing, transfer all the weight on only one leg, while doing exercises or in a standing position. That is, you must always distribute your weight evenly and always maintain a center of gravity. Because due to tension in the thighs, lymph can accumulate, impairs blood flow, which provokes cellulite and prevents lipolysis in this area.

3. Watch your diet. Eliminate fatty foods and trans fats. Cut back on carbs, eat more fiber, and drink plenty of clean water.

TOP 5 fat burning exercises for the breeches zone

4. Try to keep your hip joints mobile. To do this, you should perform special exercises for the joints – movements for rotation, adduction, and abduction. Stretching exercises from Eastern practices, swimming, help well.

5. Don’t forget about cardio workouts. Set aside an hour a few times a week for brisk walking, cycling, or rollerblading. If there is no doctor’s objection, then light jogging.

6. Regularly perform sets of exercises that are aimed at the work of the gluteal muscles, back, and inner thighs. Such movements will help to eliminate swelling in stagnant places, greater blood flow to the muscles. In addition, toned thigh muscles and prominent buttocks will visually reduce the femoral ears.

The best exercises from the breeches zone

For classes, you will need a small rug and loose clothing that does not restrict movement.

Warm up

Perform steps in place, raise your knees higher, for about 1 minute. Then place your feet at hip level and jump – simultaneously connecting your feet and palms above your head – 1 minute. This will warm up your entire body and prepare your muscles for the load. It should be remembered that all muscle movements should be done on exhalation.

1. Lunge forward

These are the most effective exercises for shaping your thighs and lower limbs. But, when doing it, you should be very careful not to injure your knees.

I. P. – standing straight, feet together, hands on the belt. Tighten your abdominal muscles and lunges forward alternately with each leg. Make sure that the knee of the lungeing leg is in line with the heel and the other leg is straight. Maintain an even posture. Keeping the knee in position, do several hind leg flexions to a 90-degree angle. To make it more convenient, when performing these movements, it is allowed to tilt the body forward. Repeat for the other leg.

TOP 5 fat burning exercises for the breeches zone

2. Lunges to the side

I. P. – standing straight, feet shoulder-width apart, hands on the belt. Lunge to the right, keeping your feet parallel. Bend the knee of your right leg, bending your torso slightly forward. Do several approaches, then do the same with the other leg.

TOP 5 fat burning exercises for the breeches zone

3. Abduction of the legs while standing

I. P. – standing straight, hands on the belt, while performing all movements, the abdominal muscles should be tense. Move your straight leg to the left, while the heel should turn outward. Do some reps. Performing the latter, lock in the highest point for 10-15 seconds. Then do the same for the other leg.

TOP 5 fat burning exercises for the breeches zone

4. Plie squats

I.P. – standing straight, place your feet hip-width apart, turn your socks, arms at shoulder level. Sit down so that your thigh is parallel to the floor. You can take a stick for support. When doing it, make sure that the press remains tense at all times and the posture remains level.

TOP 5 fat burning exercises for the breeches zone

5. Abduction of the legs lying

I. P. – lying on his side. Use your lower hand as a support and lift your upper torso. Raise your upper leg slightly, with your toes facing you. As you exhale, lift your leg as high as possible. Return to I.P. and do the same with the other leg.

These exercises will take no more than half an hour. After two months of regular exercise, you will notice the effect – breeches will decrease or significantly smoothened out. After getting used to it, you can increase the number of approaches.

TOP 5 fat burning exercises for the breeches zone

You will get the best result if, after completing the complex, you carry out massage procedures. This will increase the blood supply to problem areas and improve the training result.

Dry lymphatic drainage massage with a brush

With the help of stimulating procedures, it is possible to significantly improve lymph drainage, eliminate tissue edema and eliminate fluid stagnation, and restore the circulatory system.

In the beginning, do a dry massage in the bathroom, as a lot of dead cells will form, but then the skin will be cleansed, it will become very soft and smooth.

How to massage:

  • stimulating movements are done only on dry skin, before taking water procedures;
  • choose natural bristles;
  • always start movements from the bottom up, each section at least 10 times. Rub your feet, rise to your knees. Make circular movements do not touch the areas under the knees;
  • from the knees, rise to the thighs, the muscles of the buttocks, and then the abdomen, rub from left to right. Move from the lower back to the sides, then forward and up the back. Then proceed to the fingers and up in a circular motion, from the shoulders to the décolleté, do not touch the neck in front.
  • Try to make the movements very soft and smooth, especially at the beginning, when the skin is not yet used. After the massage, take a shower or bath and moisturize your skin with lotion or oil.

Contraindications to massage are any lesions of the skin and all dermatological diseases. 

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