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Scorpio Evening Movie Ideas 🦂

The Scorpio season begins on October 24th.  This is a strong and attractive zodiac sign, for which the main thing in life is change, growth, and change.  Scorpios never give up and go to the end, do not get hung up on shortcomings, and like to do everything their own way.

Cinema for Scorpio is a great way to cheer up and feel like the hero of your life yourself.  We have collected 6 romcoms that will surely make you or your friend laugh and want love for a couple of autumn weeks ✨

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Year: 2005

Rating: â­â­â­â­â­

John and Jane go to family therapy: the couple is tired of the marriage, it seems that they know each other inside and out.  However, both have a secret: they are both contract killers who travel the world eliminating unwanted people and other killers.  The secret is revealed when John is ordered to kill Jane and Jane is ordered to kill John.

Poor rich girl

Year: 2011

Rating: â­â­â­â­

Mavis Gary was once the queen of the school ball and the most popular girl in school.  Now 37, she writes novels for young people and does not want to let go of the past.  Mavis returns to his hometown to remember the days of his glory and bring back a school lover who is already married and expecting a baby.

Yes, maybe …

Year: 2007

Rating: â­â­â­â­

Will Hayes lives in New York, in his early 30s, and is going through a divorce.  Ten-year-old daughter Maya wants to understand what love means to dad and makes him reconsider his relationship with three once-beloved women: Emily’s neighbor, April’s best friend, and summer-loving Summer.

A little pregnant

Year: 2007

Rating: â­â­â­â­

Allison Scott lives at a frantic pace: she is a successful journalist and editor. Ben Stone is a slacker who plays video games and does nothing. One accidental night leads to an unwanted pregnancy. Allison is torn between going through it alone or giving Ben a shot.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Year: 1961

Rating: â­â­â­â­â­

Paul Varzhak writes books, but the work does not bring him money, and therefore he lives off a rich mistress.  In a new apartment, he meets Holly Golightly, a playgirl who dreams of becoming a kept woman with a rich husband.  Two people who have no place in life and a normal home find harmony in each other.

Isn’t it romantic?

Year: 2019

Rating: â­â­â­â­

Architect Natalie doesn’t believe in herself, doesn’t believe in love, and hates banal rom-coms.  One day the girl loses her creation on the street and, waking up, realizes that gray New York has changed, her friends have changed, having lost consciousness, she wakes up in New York, which does not at all look like the usual gray city.  Soon, the girl realizes that she was in a hated romantic comedy, where everything is according to the laws of the genre: everything is colorful, with no swearing and unconditional love.

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