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What to see: TOP-13 films about relationships

Breaking up is a serious challenge. Someone rushes headlong into a new love, someone – all bad. And if you have been cheated on and it seems that life is over? Where to find the strength to survive a difficult period and move on the path of life further? The heroes of these films were able to overcome all difficulties.

Not all relationships in life develop like on the screen. And if you have experienced a breakup, it will be quite difficult for you to believe sweet romantic melodramas about “love until the grave.” But there is a movie that is realistic, truthful about love experiences. We offer 12 films that will help you get away from sad thoughts and return the faith that everything will be fine.

Life-affirming films

Actively Seeking (2016)

What to see: TOP-13 films about relationships

A kind comedy about the difficulties of parting and the search for meaning. Alice decides to part with her boyfriend for a while, to understand what it is like to be alone, to try to realize dreams for which she did not have time before. The heroine goes to New York, she is hired to work in a legal campaign. Alice meets new people and finds herself in situations that help her find herself. 

For once in my life (2013)

What to see: TOP-13 films about relationships

The meeting between an unrecognized singer and a music producer who has lost his grip is a chance for both. There are no funds for the promotion of the project, but both go to madness to gain public recognition. And I also want to forget about the breakup with a former stage partner, a popular musician, and believe the projects of the producer … The cinema tells us that a broken heart will find a way to its dream.

Let’s goodbye! (2012)

What to see: TOP-13 films about relationships

Breakup on the eve of the wedding? The groom leaves Lola three weeks before the celebration. She is 29 years old, and she still cannot understand herself. Lola must overcome a personal crisis. The girl is looking for her own way, and on the eve of her 30th birthday finds spiritual harmony. 

Likes / Dislikes (2011)

What to see: TOP-13 films about relationships

A story about the difficulty of choice, which will help you see relationships from a different angle. On a business trip, Margot meets Daniel – by chance, on the way back, they get neighboring places, and later it becomes known that Margot and Daniel live next door. The guy makes a positive impression on Margot, but she is happily married to Lou, and he loves his wife very much. And this neighborhood turns into a test for the heroes.

Eat Pray Love (2010)

What to see: TOP-13 films about relationships

A favorite movie for the audience about how to find yourself and survive the breakup. Elizabeth has been happily married for a long time, she has everything you can dream of. But one night the woman realizes that she is deeply unhappy. The heroine files for divorce and leaves in the hope of finding peace. She goes to Italy, then to India. But in Indonesia, a woman will have an amazing meeting.

Be my boyfriend for five minutes (2008)

What to see: TOP-13 films about relationships

Boyfriend Nick is dumped by his girlfriend named Tris. He seeks to return his beloved but to no avail. Once in the club, Tris’s friend Nora, wanting to show her friend that she has a boyfriend, approaches a stranger and kisses him, asking him to play along with her in the role of her lover. By chance, Nick becomes this counter. This is how Nick and Nora’s night begins, during which they are looking for some music group and Caroline’s missing drunk girlfriend. Perhaps Nick will understand that breaking up with Tris is for the better?

Glimpses of Hope (1998)

What to see: TOP-13 films about relationships

Birdie comes back to her hometown after her husband cheated on her with her friend Connie, who posted the story of their adultery on a television show. The girl wants to forget it as a bad dream and start from scratch with her daughter Bernice. But she is forced to communicate with acquaintances who are in a hurry to discuss her life. With grief, the heroine turns to her friend Justin, and he has long been in love with her. 

The habit of parting (2013)

What to see: TOP-13 films about relationships

The heroine of the film, Eva, endlessly suffers a fiasco in a romantic relationship, but stubbornly seeks happiness. And so she turns to her ex-boyfriends and asks them what is wrong with her. Will they answer Eve?   

Married for 2 days (2012)   

What to see: TOP-13 films about relationships

Isabelle has been dating a dentist for a long time and in parallel with her business partner. She wants a man to marry her. But when a lover invites her to marry him, Isabelle becomes scared. She is convinced that women of her family are under a curse – their first marriage is doomed to divorce. The girl decides to find some stranger, marry him, and then annul the marriage. This is how she can build a happy life. But this first comer is the awkward compiler of travel guides for tourists Jean-Yves, with whom the heroine goes on a journey …

Happiness to be alone (2016)

What to see: TOP-13 films about relationships

Flavia is a woman of Balzac’s age. She was married twice, and both times unsuccessfully. At the moment, her relationship with her married one came to an end. Flavia is insanely unsure of herself, and this does not allow her to build relationships with others. The heroine decides to get rid of low self-esteem, and life brings her to the psychotherapist Grunewald. 

“Visiting Alice” (2017)

What to see: TOP-13 films about relationships

After the divorce, Alice and her daughters moved to Los Angeles, to the house of her father, a Hollywood legend. On her birthday, the woman took a good walk, and the next morning she woke up with three guys. Her mother allows her new acquaintances to live in their house. Alice seems to be happy, but then her ex-husband returns to her life. 

La La Land (2016)

What to see: TOP-13 films about relationships

The love story of a starlet serving coffee to movie stars between auditions and a jazz musician forced to work in third-rate bars. Unexpected success is not good for their relationship.

Last love on Earth (2010)

What to see: TOP-13 films about relationships

The earth faced disaster. Everywhere people are deprived of each of the five senses. Michael and Susan do not take their connection seriously, but when it comes to the understanding that the world is crumbling, the characters realize that they cannot live without each other. What will happen when the last feelings disappear?

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